Monday, December 3, 2012

Advertising & Expertise Ideas for Personal Assistants

Personal assistants can specialize in anything that saves people time. Learn a few specialty areas and marketing tips for gaining clients.

People are constantly looking for ways to reclaim time in this event-filled, fast-paced world. In a search for free time, sometimes it makes sense to pay others to run errands, take care of personal matters or even tackle routine business tasks.

Easy Side Business Idea – Being a Personal Assistant

Due to the low cost of entry, many people are finding that offering such services makes sense for a second job. The hardest part of getting this type of business off the ground is getting the word out to the community and building a client list. Many people do not know that there are people out there that can be hired to run daily errands or handle other tasks; therefore, they must be educated as to the benefits of hiring a personal assistant to take care of everyday tasks.

Armed with effective and creative marketing tactics, a personal assistant will undoubtedly find clients as long as they set affordable rates.

The Benefits of Using a Personal Assistant

In deciding whether or not to hire a personal assistant, individuals usually consider what they are trading in return - namely, they are trading money for time. This benefit could be highlighted in marketing materials or advertisements to make the idea of hiring a personal assistant seem appealing to the average person.

Personal assistants may wish to focus on one or more of these ideas in marketing efforts:

  • If the assistant takes care of gift shopping and wrapping, that will free up time that can be spent on a family outing.
  • They can often be hired on an hourly basis, making them affordable for many people.
  • In addition to freeing up clients to do other things with their time, a personal assistant offers the intangible benefit of a simple sanity break from everyday life. Clients receive time to do other things as well as a sanity break in exchange for money and the time it took to earn that money.

Another Option for Personal Assistants: Focus on One Time-Saving Service

Not all personal assistants offer a variety of services. If you don’t want to be asked to do certain tasks, then your niche could be tending to very specific tasks. For instance, you could specialize in grocery shopping or choosing gifts. Or you could specialize in making appointments or picking up dry-cleaning or even the children from school.

Anything you can offer to do that saves another person time is a viable option in the personal assistant realm. If you can think outside of the box and offer an affordable service that allows people to “purchase” some of their time back, you will be able to find plenty of clients.


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